Word Attack
Is your child having trouble with Reading skills? Help your child attack new words with ease! We will be using these marks in class to help students break down works into smaller parts.

Worksheets for extra practice on phonics skills.
Phonics worksheets
Comprehension Practice
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Nonsense Words
This is a really good activity to practice decoding unfamiliar words. Remember that every vowel "sandwiched" between two consonants makes the short sound. Students can read more fluently if they can concentrate more on comprehension. This activity promotes fluency, automaticity, and speed.
Example of how to practice nonsense words.
Make a real word with Clifford
Make a word with "Magnetic" letters

Comprehension Tips
When your child looks back to confirm his/her answers, place a tiny sticky arrow next to the answer. Remind your child to visualize. Tell him/her to make a picture in his/her head after each sentence. When it's time to retell, you tell him/her to close his/her eyes and remember the pictures that were made. This can be played back like a movie! Make it fun and interesting! :)

Drawing Conclusions